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We have been located in Lake Worth, a little stone's throw away from Jupiter, since August 2014.  Since 2014, we have provided effective and dedicated legal service to a number of clients from the Jupiter area.

Staffed with Mr. Tyler Jaymeson Cade, Attorney, and Ms. Karyn Miller, Paralegal, our office is dedicated to providing effective, understanding and compassionate legal services.  When you come in for a consult, you may well meet Picasso, who is Karyn's rescued terrier mix, and/or Monet, who is Tyler Cade's rescue Maltese Pomeranian mix, also a rescue, just a pricier one!

Ms. Karyn Miller, who enjoys having nearly twenty (20) years of experience as a paralegal, delivers a number of services for our clients including drafting, researching as well as a number of the more nuanced tasks inherent to most cases such as filing documents, contacting opposing counsel's staff or judicial assistants as needed, securing hearing dates, and the like. Karyn's dedication to her work is made evident by the regular flow of positive feedback received by clients.

Mr. Tyler Jaymeson Cade, Attorney approaches the practice of law a little differently, being equipped with an underlying Master in Social Work degree and having a unique understanding of people and human behavior.  Because litigation can be so damaging to necessary relationships (i.e.. ongoing co-parenting after a divorce) or to results (i.e.. a criminal defendant is convicted at trial versus having their case dismissed through effective pre-trial defense work), litigation is a last resort and not typically our first go-to.  Underlying everything we do is a continuous effort to reach fair and equitable settlements in Family Law and Criminal Defense cases.  

The hiring of an attorney is an important decision that can yield long term consequences- be it good or bad one.  It should not be taken lightly.  We understand that you might want to interview multiple attorneys before selecting the best fit for your needs, and we do our part in helping alleviate the financial burden this process can create by offering free initial consultations.  We are also purposefully priced to be competitive in the local market for the areas of law we practice, in a conscious effort to make effective legal services available to as many people as possible.

We are located at 807 Lucerne Avenue, Unit West (between A&J Insurance and Artlink, half a block east of Dixie on the left side of Lucerne.  You will find parking directly across the street, between an Attorney Building and Sherwin Williams.  Note that we are not located in the attorney building, we are across the street from the parking lot.

Family Law, Criminal Defense, Estate Planning Lawyer Jupiter, Florida

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