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We have been servicing the Wellington area from our Office located in downtown Lake Worth, since we opened up doors in August 2014.

When you come in for a free consultation, you will meet Mr. Tyler Cade, attorney at law, with over eleven years of legal experienced, Ms. Karyn Miller, and experienced paralegal with nearly twenty years of experience, and their respective canine companions, Monet (a Maltese Pomeranian mix) and Picasso (a terrier mix).  

Lawyer at TJ Cade Law, LLC are dedicated to providing our clients with quality services.  As an experienced drafter, researcher and legal assistant, Ms. Karyn Miller provides a multitude of indispensable services for our clients. The regular flow of positive client critiques highlight the quality of her work, services, and effective relationship with our clients. 

Having worked as a social worker previously to attending law school, Mr. Tyler Jaymeson Cade takes a refreshingly different approach to the practice of law.  In part, this means that litigation is the last resource rather than the all too common first resort to resolving cases.  Mr. Cade works diligently and consistently towards reaching fair and reasonable settlements whenever possible in Family Law and Criminal Defense cases.  This is because we understand that litigation is extremely stressful, costly, and damages relationships that are best preserved as intact as possible (i.e.. ex-spouses or partners who need to maintain civility if they are to effectively co-parent their children post breakup) as well as preventing possibly worst outcomes than are necessary (i.e.. beating a criminal case at the pre-trial level rather than risking a fast trial).  While we may not jump to litigation as a first resort, should the need arise, Mr. Cade is an experienced and effective trial litigator.  And, Mr. Cade also makes himself readily available for clients & is easy to reach: every client is provided with his cell telephone number.

Hiring an attorney is a big decision that will produce often life changing consequences, whether those are good or bad.  The process of selecting an attorney should not be taken lightly.  Understanding that you may need to consult with a number of attorneys before you select one you deem to the best fit for your needs, we offer free initial consultations, which is our contribution to alleviated the financial burden of cumulative consultation fees.  Continuing along these lines, we are priced to be competitive with both hourly fees and initial retainers in every area of law we offer services in.

We are located at 807 Lucerne Avenue, Unit West (between A&J Insurance and Artlink, half a block east of Dixie on the left side of Lucerne.  You will find parking directly across the street, between an Attorney Building and Sherwin Williams.  Note that we are not located in the attorney building, we are across the street from the parking lot.

Family Law, Criminal Defense, Estate Planning Lawyer Wellington, Florida

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